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Sweepy Although our retail department covers the entire planet, we're aware that our shop-to-shop drive time charge to, say, Liechtenstein to clean a chimney might be out of budget for most people. Thus, we offer our Sweep Services only in Whatcom County, Washington State, USA (excluding the community of Point Roberts). If you're outside our service area and need a Sweep, go to Find-A-Sweep, and follow the on-screen directions: the locator will give you a list of the Sweeps in your area.

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About our Sweeping Service:

Whether the connected appliance burns Wood, Gas, Oil or Pellets, the Chimney is the engine that drives the system. Proper chimney height and sizing, unimpeded draft and a suitable liner are all necessary to ensure that the appliance operates properly. Structural integrity and proper clearances to surrounding combustibles are necessary to ensure safety.

When we're called in to clean a chimney, the first thing we do is perform a complete visual inspection of each chimney flue and the appliance(s) it is venting, checking structural integrity, condition, sizing, clearances and compliance with current code. We sweep the flue if needed, and submit an inspection checklist at the completion of the job (a detailed report of our findings is available upon request, along with a bid to fix any problems we find). This ensures that our Clients know the appliance is properly installed to current code specs, and that the chimney is unobstructed, in compliance with code, and ready to use.

In most cases, our Sweep Clients don't want to go up on the roof and determine if the chimney needs cleaning before giving us a call: thus, in cases where our initial inspection reveals that the flue is clean, we submit our checklist and charge only for the inspection so nobody has to pay for a sweep that isn't needed. Code Inspections are also available as a stand-alone service for Clients who know the flue isn't dirty but may be concerned about the condition of the chimney or installation.

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