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Sweepy Although our retail department covers the entire planet, we're aware that our shop-to-shop drive time charge to, say, Brazil to inspect or clean a chimney might be out of budget for most people. Thus, we offer our Sweep and Inspection Services only in Whatcom County, Washington State, USA (excluding the community of Point Roberts). If you're outside this area and need a Sweep, click here Find-A-Sweep, and follow the on-screen directions: the locator will give you a list of the Sweeps in your area.

Installation Services are available in Whatcom, Skagit and Island Counties of Washington State only, unless you're Fabulously Wealthy, in which case we'll be happy to crate up an install truck and crew for shipment anywhere in the world at your expense.

We're happy to provide Warranty Service for any product we sell, but must limit any labor needed to accomplish Warranty repairs to in-shop if the appliance lives outside our Service Area. Warranty claims on the appliances we sell are rare, but if you're outside our Service Area and have a claim, we'll be happy to supply the covered parts and any technical advice you or your local service person may need to install them.

Service Categories:

* Chimney Sweeping

* Installation Services

* Warranty Services

* Inspection Services

Products Available from our Service Division:

* Chimney Cleaning * Chimney Lining * Chimney Problem Troubleshooting

* Rain Caps * Draft-Inducing Caps * Chimney Waterproofing

* Door Gasketing * Replacement Glass * Gas Appliance Service

* Manufactured Chimney Repair & Replacement * Appliance Repair

* Glaze Creosote Removal * Insurance Inspections * Warranty Service

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