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Sweepy Although our retail department covers the entire planet, we're aware that our shop-to-shop drive time charge to, say, Belgium to inspect a chimney might be out of budget for most people. Thus, we offer our Inspection Services only in Whatcom County, Washington State, USA (excluding the community of Point Roberts). If you're outside this area and need an inspection, go to Find-A-Sweep, and follow the on-screen directions: the locator will give you a list of the Sweeps in your area.

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About our Inspection Service:

When we're called in to Inspect a chimney, we perform a complete visual inspection of each chimney flue and the appliance(s) it is venting, checking structural integrity, condition, sizing, clearances and compliance with current code. Naturally, we also check for blockage: if our inspection reveals that cleaning is needed, we're prepared to sweep the chimney on the spot if our Client desires. We mail a detailed report of our findings within a day or two of our visit, along with a bid to fix any problems we find. This way, our Client knows the appliance is properly installed in compliance with current code specs, and that the chimney is clean, up to code, and ready to use. Our chimney and appliance inspection reports are accepted by insurance companies and Realtors.

Our gas appliance inspection service includes our regular chimney inspection, PLUS: we also examine, clean, and reset the burner & pilot orifices and air intake settings on the appliance, and inspect the gas inlet, connector pipe and flue for gas and exhaust leaks, because system components and fittings deteriorate over time. A leaking, blocked or partially blocked gas flue will usually result in odorless exhaust gases entering the breathing space in the house below. Gas exhaust contains, among other things, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Exposure to these CO gases has recently become a matter of much concern.

To book an Inspection, click on the Contact The Sweep button below, and E-mail us your name, address, and home & work phone numbers. We'll call to schedule an appointment.

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