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Showroom & Display Manager: Ginny Oyen

Sweepy You gather a bunch of Chimney Sweeps together in a hearth products showroom and tell them to create displays, and what you get is soot-smudged chaos. Miss Ginny applies her artistic talents and get-it-done work ethic to her job as showroom manager, and the result is an orderly and spotlessly clean showroom with creative and eye-catching displays.Ginny has carte blanche when it comes to the showroom, and occasionally goes a little overboard with her window displays, obscuring the stoves and fireplaces we are trying to display. We never complain about these "Where's Waldo Windows" though, for three reasons: (1) None of us has the talent to do better, (2) Aside from the fact that she really does an incredible job, Ginny's sunny disposition is nice to have around, and (3) Ginny is married to the boss.
Ginny Oyen
Can you find the woodstove in this picture?

Miss Ginny, taking a little break after finishing
one of her tastefully understated window displays.


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