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Clearances & Specs - Heartland 48" Classic Gas/Electric Ranges

Heartland Classic 48 Gas/Electric Range Dimensions Diagram
Dim48" Classic Gas/Electric Range
A(1)66-1/4" (168 cm) With Cresting
A(2)62-3/8" (158.5 cm) Without Cresting
B28" (71 cm)
C39-3/4" (101 cm)
D47-1/2" (121 cm)
E36-1/8" (92 cm)
F12-1/8" (31 cm)
G37-3/4" (96 cm)


Counter & Cabinet Dimensions
Heartland Classic 48 Gas/Electric Clearances Diagram


Dim48" Classic Gas/Electric
F(1)66-3/4" (169.5 cm) W/ Cresting
F(2)62-7/8" (160 cm) W/O Cresting
GMinimum 48-3/4" (76 cm)
HMaximum 24" (61 cm)
I(1)Minimum 30-1/4" W/ Cresting
I(2)Minimum 26-3/8" W/O Cresting
J15-3/4" (40 cm)
K54-1/4" (138 cm)
L12" (30.5 cm)
M21" (53 cm)
N30" (76 cm)
O5-3/8" (14 cm)


Sides of range to adjacent surfaces: 1/2" (1.5 cm)
Nickel Trim to adjacent surfaces: 0" Right Side, 1" (2.5 cm) Left Side
Rear Clearance: 0"
Maximum Depth of Counters................... 24"
Maximum Depth of Overhead Cabinet... 13"

To eliminate risk of burns or fire, overhead cabinet storage should be avoided. If there is existing cabinet storage space, it must be located at least 30" (76 cm) above the cooking surface.
If the Range is installed beside a refrigerator, maintain at least 5" (13 cm) clearance between the refrigerator and the range.
240 Volts 60Hz 3.8 Kw
5 ft. power cord included
Specify 3 or 4-prong plug at time of order
Gas hookup must be performed by a licensed gas fitter
Specify Natural Gas or LP (Propane) at time of order; conversion kits may be ordered if needed.
Pressure Requirements: 5" WC (Natural Gas), 11" WC (LP)
Gas connection: 1/2" NPT (5/8" minimum diameter flex line)
An accessible manual shut off valve must be installed at the appliance.
A 350 CFM exhaust fan system is contained in the overhead cabinet.
Ventless Exhausting: cooking fumes are drawn through the filter and re-enter the room through the rear of the overhead cabinet.
Vented Exhausting: Cut a 3-1/2" x 10-1/2" (9 cm x 27 cm) opening through the backwall as shown in Figure 2.
Ducting and Termination not included with range.

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