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Hearthside Bellows, Large
Hand-Crafted Fireplace Bellows


Hearthside Bellows, Medium

Standard Features: Hearth-Side Bellows

  • Hand Crafted from solid wood
  • Heavyweight shroud material won't crack or dry out
  • Solid Cast Brass Nozzle
  • Standard Strap with Built-in Hanger
  • Large Capacity for maximum air movement
  • A beautiful, practical addition to any hearthside


Sweepy Kindle a fresh fire, or bring it back to life!
Hearth-Side Bellows direct a steady, forceful jet of combustion air to the base of your fire when needed to get a stubborn fire going or rejuvinate a dying blaze. A must-have accessory for the serious wood burner.


Hearthside Bellows, Small

Hearth-Side Hand-Crafted Bellows
Shipping & Handling, Continental US..... $20

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