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Pacific Energy Hearth Products

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Gas Stoves
Small - Medium Area Heaters
  Gas Stoves
Medium - Large Area Heaters
Pacific Energy Mirage Gas Stove
Piazetta 958c

Mirage 18 
Mirage 30 


Gas Fireplaces
Small - Medium Area Heaters

Esteem Log Fire 

Esteem Glass Fire
Gas Fireplaces
Medium - Large Area Heaters

Esprit Contemporary

Esprit Louvered



Gas Fireplace Inserts
Small - Medium Area Heaters
Gas Fireplace Inserts
Medium - Large Area Heaters

Tofino i20

Tofino i30



Wood Stoves
Small  Area Heaters (200 - 600 sq.ft.)
Pacific Energy Neo 1.2 Wood Stove
Neo 1.2 



Wood Stoves
Small - Medium Area Heaters (500 - 1500 sq.ft.)
Pacific Energy Vista Wood Stove
Pacific Energy Vista Classic Wood Stove
Vista Classic  
Pacific Energy Alderlea T4 Woodstove
Alderlea T4  
Pacific Energy Neo 1.6 Wood Stove
Neo 1.6 



Wood Stoves
Medium - Large Area Heaters (1200 - 2000 sq.ft.)
Pacific Energy Classic Wood Stove
Pacific Energy Super 27 Wood Stove
Super 27

Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 Wood Stove
Alderlea T5



Wood Stoves
Large Area Heaters (1500 - 3000 sq.ft.)
Pacific Energy Summit Wood Stove
Pacific Energy Summit Classic Wood Stove
Summit Classic
Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Wood Stove
Neo 2.5
Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 Wood Stove
Alderlea T6



Wood Fireplace Inserts
Pacific Energy Vista Wood Fireplace Insert
Vista Insert
Heats 600 - 1400 sq.ft.

Neo 1.6 Insert
Heats 700 - 1500 sq.ft.
Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 Wood Fireplace Insert
Alderlea T5 Insert
Heats 1000 - 2000 sq.ft.
Pacific Energy Super Wood Fireplace Insert
Super Insert
Heats 1000 - 2000 sq.ft.

Neo 2.5 Insert
Heats 1500 - 2300 sq.ft.
Pacific Energy Summit Wood Insert
Summit Insert
Heats 2000 - 3000 sq.ft.



Wood Fireplaces
Pacific Energy FP16 Wood Fireplace
Heats 800 - 1200 sq.ft.
Pacific Energy FP25 Wood Fireplace
Heats 1200 - 1800 sq.ft.
Pacific Energy FP30 Wood Fireplace
Heats 2000 - 3000 sq.ft.

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